HGM 9810

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HGM 9810

HGM9810 controller is designed for manual/auto parallel system generators with similar or

different capacity. Additionally, it is suitable for single unit constant power output and mains

paralleling. It allows automatic start/stop, parallel running, data measurement, alarm protection as

well as remote control, remote measurement and remote communication function. It fit with LCD

display, optional Chinese, English and other languages interface, and it is reliable and easy to


Utilizing the GOV (Engine Speed Governor) and AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) control

function, the controller is able to synchronize and share load automatically; it can be used to

parallel with other HGM9810 controller.

HGM9810 controller also monitors the engine, indicating the operational status and fault

conditions accurately. When abnormal condition occurs, it splits bus and shuts down the genset,

simultaneously the exact failure mode information is indicated by the LCD display on the front

panel. SAE J1939 interface enables the controller to communicate with various ECU (ENGINE

CONTROL UNIT) which fitted with J1939 interface.

The powerful 32-bit Microprocessor contained within the module allows for precision parameters

measuring, fixed value adjustment, time setting and set value adjusting and etc..Majority

parameters can be configured from front panel, and all parameters can be configured by USB

interface (or RS485) to adjust via PC. It can be widely used in all types of automatic gen-set

control system with compact structure, advanced circuits, simple connections and high reliability.