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FPC 915 Diesel Driven Fire Pump Controller is designed for fire pump systems which controlled by engine. It allows automatic start/stop, data measuremens, alarm protectin functions.CANBUS (J1939) interface enables the controller to communicate with various engine which fitted with J1939 interface.

FPC 915 Diesel Driven Fire Pump Controller fit whit LCD display, optimal languages interface (including english ,chinese or other languages); simultaneously the exact parameters of pump unit and engine are indicated by the LCD dispaly on the front panel and the controller is reliable and easy to use. adopt powerful 32-bit ARM microprosessor technology with precision parameters measuring, fixed falue adjustment, time setting and set value adjusting and ets. The majority of parameters can be configured from front panel and all the parameters can be set using PC (via USB port). is can be widely used in a number of pump control systems with commpact structure, simple connections and high reliability.