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Fit with up-to-date power supply device, float charger BAC2410 is specially designed for meet the charging characteristics of the lead-acid engine starter batteries and can be used for long-term float charging of 12V lead-acid batteries.


1) Switch power supply structure, wide input alternating voltage range, small size, light weight, high efficiency rate;
2) Automatic two-stage charging process (first constant current, then constant voltage) carried out according to storage battery charging characteristics to prevent overcharging and significantly prolong battery lifetime;
3) Built-in PFC circuit can calibrate the power factor above 0.99;
4) Built-in current protective circuit, which can give effective protection when output over current, short-circuit or reverse connection occurs. Regard power lamp or charge lamp fast blinking as alarm;
5) Suitable for 24V storage battery and the rated current is 10A;
6) LED display: Power indication (Green light) and charging indication (Red light).